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As far back as I can remember, our family loved eating ice cream. Usually vanilla with chocolate syrup poured over. Despite "the look" from Mom, I liked to stir it up until it was all chocolaty and melty (I still do!).  Ice cream was one of the few indulgences my parents, Ted and Rose Diamond, allowed our family when we were on our Sunday drive.  My sister Juanita, brother Dave and I would get a small soft serve, Dad sometimes had a banana split, and Mom ordered up a pint of soft serve vanilla for herself.  On holidays, we got out the hand crank ice cream maker, taking turns putting in the ice and rock salt around the metal freezer, and of course cranking and cranking until that delicious dessert was ready to eat.  Mom was always one for gadgets, so it’s no surprise that she invested in an electric ice cream maker that was placed in the freezer box of the refrigerator.  How nice!  "Homemade" ice cream without the cranking!  Of course, it made such a small portion we didn’t have much to enjoy. Later we got an ice cream maker just like our "old" hand crank one, but this was electric, all we had to do was add the ice and salt, plug it in, turn it on, and go play croquet until it was ready.  Later on, Mom bought Neapolitan ice cream in a box or bucket as that was Dad’s favorite.  After "store bought" ice cream became the norm for us, Dad’s preference turned to maple nut.

In high school in Belgrade, my choice was a "Black and White" at Jensen's Fountain for a quarter.  Later, in Nashua, it was a cone topped with a scoop of homemade hard ice cream at Miller's Drug for a dime.

In the summer of 2009 I decided to buy an Ice Cream Truck and tour the neighborhoods with treats for the young and young at heart. It didn’t work out, but the idea of serving ice cream was ingrained.  So, how did I get from homemade ice cream to self-serve frozen yogurt?  I’m not really sure, but I drove out to experience Billings’ first roundabout, ended up in front of the new movie theater, saw the "Space for Lease" in the window and it took off from there.  Having done three franchises, including Liberty Tax Service here in Billings, I thought I should be able to start a new business on my own this time.  Well, with the help of family and friends, it’s become a reality.

Very special thanks to my husband Harold who has always supported my schemes and dreams, and to my kids and grandkids for offering support and advice. And again, special thanks to our oldest son, Brian, whose help has been invaluable throughout the whole "getting open" process.  And of course our younger daughter, Bridett, who has been my hands-on working manager for so many years. Without the help of my many business associates this venture could not have been possible: Curtis with DSL; Joe and Nathan with Bargreen-Ellingson; Keith at Collaborative Design Architects; Jeff at Con’eer Engineering; Alan with Langlas Construction; Steve Corning with Shiloh Silver Screen Partners; Kevin at Yellowstone Bank; Tony at Epcon Sign Group; Jake at Sysco; John and Bruce at Williams Inland;  Peggy and Joel at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters; Yvonne at Darnielle Insurance; Doug, John and Larry at Micros; Rick, Rich, and Lonny at Pepsi; Ginger and Shawn at A.C.E.S.; and everyone else who has been of assistance.

To the people at YoCream International in Portland, OR, and to the crew at their retail store, thanks for your input, advice, training, and for answering the phone (again) even when you knew it was me calling (again).

Welcome to my dream. We celebrated our sixth year in business July 16, 2016. Thanks for your support!  


Except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day


 Closing at 4pm on Christmas Eve

Hours:  11 a.m. to 9 p.m Sunday ~ Thursday
11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday

1001 Shiloh Crossing Blvd #5 ~ Billings, MT  59102

Next to Shiloh 14 Theater near Kohl's


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